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Seamless Trade Collaboration

Modernize your OTC operations. Connect with Symphony, Microsoft Teams and any other endpoint.


  • Users are relying on disparate, non-compliant communication channels for ease and convenience.
  • Typically the only solution to this problem is costly, heavyweight market data terminals which are surplus to requirements.
  • Organizations become hamstrung by legacy technology.


  • Publish and subscribe to real-time data in any interface.
  • Fully auditable and unified communications via Symphony.
  • Centrally manage one golden source of data and create on-the-fly workflows to automate and regulate repeatable processes.

The Benefits

  • A future-proofed solution with permissioning and controls for internal and external counterparts.
  • Encourage customers to increase trading volumes by offering more interfaces.
  • Increased flexibility by working with modern, no code / low code solutions.

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