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Internal Price and Curve Sharing

Get connected. Suite of APIs for pub/sub to real-time, historical and reference data.


Cost saving

Reduce reliance on costly terminals.

Robust and reliable

In use in over 100 of the world's leading financial institutions.

Rapid deployment

Up and running days, connectivity to multiple endpoints.

Powerful Excel add-in for real-time price and curve sharing

  • Share proprietary price data and derived values into Excel
  • Create internal e-white boards
  • Share TR and B-Pipe data into Excel
  • In-built function emulation, no need to rebuild your spreadsheets
  • Robust streaming of real-time, historical and reference data
  • Enable multiple users to share the same underlying curves
  • Future proof your spreadsheets

High-Performance Cache

  • Capable of handling 100,000+ updates per second
  • Data can be entered from individual traders’ desktop from Excel, data feed or external application
  • On-the-fly, real-time, expression and calculation server
  • Simple licencing, no throughput charges

Customers using MDXT