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The award winning MDX Connect platform is a "fast to value" solution in use by many of the world’s leading financial firms. It is proven to help users seamlessly capture and extract maximum value from market data and create lucrative new trading opportunities. They can also republish real time pricing and proprietary data, both internally and to multiple external third parties, faster and more securely than ever before. Benefits include; significantly enhanced business workflow and collaboration capabilities, lower risk exposure, improved productivity and reduced operating costs.


Transform data capture and distribution. Source, publish and share market data to any internal and or external destination.


Empower content owners, by enabling users and firms to cost effectively share and display multiple real time market data sources.


Supercharge the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel. Unleash your internal application development capabilities to share and publish like never before.


Exploiting the value of data – Data is the lifeblood of every financial institution which underpins all trading decisions and drives growth. Harnessing and exploiting its power is the key to continuing business success. MDX, with Symphony, can help you to maximise your investment in this invaluable resource.

The journey to Symphony – With MDX, where ever you are on your journey to Symphony, exploiting the power of this amazing collaboration platform has never been easier. So whether you are a content creator or content consumer, MDX has added a unique dimension to the existing Symphony user experience which will transform the way you do business.

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