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High performance Excel add-in

MDXT Connect underpins the trading functions of multiple firms across the global financial services arena. It seamlessly integrates with existing trading systems and provides a powerful, low cost alternative for real-time market data sharing and collaboration.


With 20+ years of experience of using Excel in a trading environment, MDX offers a high-performance suite of solutions for Microsoft Excel users who need to subscribe to internal or external data, share data internally and publish data externally. Seamless connectivity to multiple market data sources to power mission critical Excel spreadsheets.

  • Price discovery through real-time market data sources.

  • Optimise real-time price and market making capabilities.

  • Build spreadsheets for externally and internally generated data.

  • Subscribe to in-house trading platforms and flexibly add critical pricing and analysis data.

  • Consistent set of platform-agnostic Excel functions used for all supported platforms.

  • Field mapping functionality to enable the use of normalised field names across multiple platforms.

  • Unique sharing function, allowing spreadsheet content (including functions) to be shared very easily in real-time between groups of users.

  • Support for subscription to both level 1 and level 2 (aggregated and full order book) data.

  • Function emulation capabilities allow the use of existing spreadsheets without modification, simplify migration of spreadsheets to new market data platforms, and allow users to work with familiar functions.

  • Dedicated VBA functions for subscribing to and publishing data.