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RFQ Automation

Get an edge. Digitise pre-trade and RFQ processes, seamlessly share prices, protect your book and make it easier for clients to do business with you.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Up and running in days

Trade more

Speed, transparency and ease of access

Configurable front-end

Create customised screens for your clients

Customisable Client Portal

  • Create tailored welcome screens for your clients
  • Widget based, drag and drop functionality
  • Display real-time prices relevant to the client
  • Easily brand with your corporate logo
  • Update source data master to instantly change prices or add products

Click to build trade baskets

  • Clients can select products, volumes and periods to add to their ‘trade basket
  •  Dynamic real-time pricing widget
  • Create strips with equally distributed or tailored volumes with an average price
  • Fully customisable dashboard
  • Data validation if certain compositions are not permitted
  • Once trade basket is complete client can click to request RFQ

Instant alerts, cross-device

  • Trade desk receives notification in Teams, Slack, Whatsapp, Symphony, Eikon and more
  • Trade desk inbox also receives notification

Communicate with confidence

  • View all requests in a consolidated view
  • Communicate back to client
  • Indicate the outcome clearly

Complete trades with full audit trail

  • Click to trade – STP, trades delivered to OMS and automatically generate confirmations
  • Complete post-trade automation

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