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Multi-Vendor Contributions

Get out more. High-performance, scalable and flexible server-based solution for automating contributions from one or more internal sources to one or more external destinations, including Bloomberg and Refinitiv.


Cost effective

Replacement for legacy third party or in-house developed systems.

Rationalise your tech stack

Simplifies external contributions by rationalising disparate solutions.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Fewer deployed servers required to support more contributions.

Automate multi-vendor contributions

  • Automate contributions to all of the major providers; Bloomberg, Refinitiv. Six and more.
  • Capable of handling today's volumes.
  • Contribute from spreadsheets and other applications.
  • Minimal resource usage.
  • Allow contributed records to specify which vendors they should be contributed to.

Compliant and reliable

  • Full system auditing showing who has contributed what.
  • Multi-vendor contributions capability, including Bloomberg Appliance, Bloomberg MPF and Refinitiv, amongst others.
  • Support for fault-tolerant deployment.

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