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Marex use MDXT for cash generation and collaboration

MDX Technology is powering Marex to share real-time market data internally and externally.

What our client says

"Our brokers rely on their ability to make fast, strategic decisions with information from multiple sources. We were very impressed by MDXT’s ability to understand our business processes and deliver flexible solutions to enhance them"

Glenn Channon, Head of Software Development at Marex Spectron


  • Workflow/Revenue Generation

  • Excel add-in + Data Sharing + Sub/Pub

  • Data sharing + API for database interface

  • Excel / cache / capture

  • A lightweight internal data sharing solution helping users share their key data more efficiently

  • A "universal" Excel add-in for accessing real-time market data helping financial institutions optimise their subscription and publication

  • Rationalise legacy Excel add-ins and save costs on premium market data terminals and;

  • A multi-source abstraction layer and common API for accessing real-time market data helping application developers accelerate their delivery.

Benefits delivered

Increased efficiencies in the way the brokers communicate prices and trade ideas enhancing the execution service they give to their clients

Reduced time to market

Rapid implementation of light weight solutions integrated within existing spreadsheets.

Increased cost efficiencies by using a competitively priced “off the shelf” solution from MDXT rather than other infrastructure heavy third-party solutions or in-house development.

Reduced infrastructure and resources required to support MDXT platform.

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