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  • Tuesday 9th January 2024

MDX Technology unveils highly customisable broker screen with integration into messaging applications

• No code, user friendly page builder to create customized broker screens

• Accelerated time-to-market with seamless connectivity to messaging platforms

• Delivering competitive edge to brokers competing in an aggressive marketplace

London, Tuesday 9th January 2024 MDX Technology (MDXT), an innovator in data and price sharing and workflow solutions for financial institutions, announces the launch of their highly customisable broker screen solution. Building on the proven MDXT Connect platform - This cutting-edge front-end offers a variety of tailored features providing brokers an edge in a fiercely competitive market.

MDXT has over 100 financial institutions using their technology everyday to share pricing across applications. This development is a further extension of the platform enabling clients to stream prices directly from their whiteboard in Excel, into the broker screen seamlessly. The screen contains a messaging widget and with a few clicks, allows the broker to select and send prices to clients over messaging applications; such as WhatsApp. It negates the need for manual copy and paste which is timely and error-prone.

It is optimised for desktop and mobile, including all the pre-built MDXT connectivity to market data providers, pulling real-time data into a drag and drop workspace with custom curve calculations for each broker. The robust solution is already in production at a number of leading institutions with tens of thousands of prices and messages being distributed via MDXT every day.

Nigel Someck commented, “We have developed this solution in response to demand from the broker community who need the ability to quickly create user-friendly customisable broker screens which get prices out faster, before markets move and opportunities are missed. Specifically, we've been working closely with voice brokers operating in the OTC markets who have long grappled with outdated processes and now recognise the need to blend modern technology and traditional operating models to grow.”

Nigel concluded, “Furthermore, we have developed WhatsApp connectivity so that users can compose their messages on their screens and send them en-masse, without ever having to leave their desktop environment. This development is a natural extension of our leading MDXT Connect data distribution technology and I am delighted with the response so far. This is welcome addition to our existing integrations with Symphony, Teams, and Slack.”

MDX Technology's broker screen solution is a game-changer in the financial industry, offering brokers the tools they need to excel in a dynamic and challenging market. Read more here

About MDX Technology Ltd

MDX Technology (MDXT) delivers data and price sharing and workflow technology to the global trading community. Over 100 firms rely on our low-code, workflow and data connectivity platform to execute and exploit lucrative opportunities faster than their competitors. Whether you are a trader looking to build curves, manage positions and share pricing across global desks, or a broker looking to publish prices for customers to trade directly or launch an RFQ, we have out of the box and customisable solutions. MDXT is; fast to deploy, high performing, reliable, cost effective, easily configurable without the need for overburdened internal development resources.

We are true specialists in real-time data distribution with extensive pre-built functionality and knowledge to accelerate deployments.

Users include investment banks, energy and commodity trading firms, brokers, exchanges, asset managers, hedge funds, and trading venues. Headquartered in London we serve Europe, North America and Asia.