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Bespoke “Broker screen”, update curves, share prices with clients in real-time across any messaging platform

Get the message. Create customised portals for your clients, update curves and share prices with seamless integration to WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams and much more.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Up and running in days

Trade more

Make it easier for your clients to do business with you

Configurable front-end

Create customised screens for your clients

Customisable Broker Screen

  • Stream real-time prices from Excel directly into broker screen
  • White label with your company’s logo 
  • Custom curve calculations specific to each broker
  • In-built validation rules
  • Capture each tick or end of day to create a monetizable datasets

UX First

  • Add products / prices into the message blaster by select all or individually clicking products 
  • No more copy and pasting – one seamless interface
  • Robust blaster can send out thousands of messages per day
  • Add free form text to messages

Manage contacts seamlessly

  • Contacts and groups synchronised from integrated messaging platform
  • Drag and drop functionality to manage contacts and organizations
  • Select all or target individuals for eff effective UX
  • Data Protection - Each broker can synch with their phone to display only their contacts without sharing across other desks

Message Blaster

  • Blast prices to your clients on their preferred platform
  • Trade with counterparties much faster than competitors

MDXT Mobile Application

  • All functionality is available on the mobile app for access anywhere, anytime
  • Robust, stable functionality which you can rely on 

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