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Data monetisation

Global exchange use MDXT to provide fast, flexible access to extensive market data catalogue

What our client says

"Simple, streamlined access to our wide variety of data, via a suite of MDXT’s ‘ready-made’ internet facing APIs and interfaces, provides many more users with greater choice and flexibility."

Anthony Belcher, Head of ICE Data Services (EMEA), ICE Data Services is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE)

What we provide

  • Off the shelf MDXT connectivity which eliminates the need to establish physical networking enabling users to connect directly with ICE quickly and easily. 

  • The unique ability to create tailored data packages designed to suit specific needs and budgets. 

Benefits delivered

Extended global reach to new client audiences 

New revenue generation capabilities 

Highly cost-effective approach for smaller and niche financial firms  

Fast, low-touch access to market data catalogue 

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