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  • Thursday 29th January 2015

Trailstone goes live with MDX Technology

Real-time market data solutions specialist, MDX Technology (MDXT), and TrailStone, a global commodities logistics and trading company, today announced that TrailStone has gone live with MDXT’s enterprise data sharing solution for curve management, MDXT Collaborate.

MDXT enables TrailStone to effectively share key price and curve data across its global offices, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips in order to make time-critical decisions.

“Speed to market was absolutely critical for us. MDXT worked directly with our organization to deliver a highly tailored solution on time and on budget that helps us collaborate effectively”, said William R. Gebhardt, Head of European Power and Gas, TrailStone.

Richard Gissing, co-founder and CTO, MDX Technology, said, “What we have created for TrailStone is a very powerful example of how our ‘Collaborate’ solution can be used to manage curves in real-time overlaid with appropriate front-end pricing tools, drawing on our many years of experience in a trading environment.”

“Building on our successes on the buy-side (for example B&Z Global Strategies) and sell-side (for example ING Bank), we are now addressing the needs of commodities and energy market participants,” said Paul Watmough, co-founder and CEO, MDX Technology. “While we have long provided solutions for the inter-dealer brokers in the space, like Marex Spectron, we are now actively addressing the specific data sharing needs of the market makers by bringing our highly efficient technology to the key players at a time of increasingly volatile market conditions.”