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  • Friday 3rd May 2024

RBC showcase their live implementation of MDXT at Symphony Innovate

Brandi Love, Market Data Engineer at RBC, and Nigel Someck, CEO of MDXT, presented at Symphony Innovate in New York on Thursday, 18th April 2024. The demonstration explained RBC's live implementation of the MDXT platform and how it is streamlining its operations.

The presentation showcased MDXT's seamless integration into RBC's Solace messaging backbone, which facilitates the distribution of real-time prices directly into Excel and feeds the screens in Symphony. The game-changer for RBC is enabling their sales teams to share real-time prices with clients in a Symphony chat window and allow their clients to request a quote (RFQ) directly from the chat.

Brandi commented on RBC's deliberate choice of MDXT, citing their pedigree and expertise in managing high volumes of real-time data.

This collaboration empowers RBC to share data and execute transactions effortlessly, all within Symphony's unified communications channel. Moreover, our no-code screen builder enables users, with drag-and-drop functionality, to build tailored screens that constantly meet their changing needs.

The great news is that as well as Symphony, MDXT can deliver real-time prices into a number of different chat applications and interfaces. Please contact us to learn more.

Nigel Someck and Brandi Love on stage

Nigel Someck presenting

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