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  • Monday 3rd November 2014

MDX Technology unveils high performance server-based solutions

MDX Technology (MDXT), the market data connectivity specialist, today announced the expansion of its MDXT Connect platform to include a range of high performance server-based solutions for multi-vendor contributions and enterprise data sharing.

“Initially we architected MDXT Connect as a flexible, broadly connected platform for Windows desktop users to subscribe, publish and share market data in real-time. Client demand encouraged us to evolve components of our platform to the server,” said Richard Gissing, co-founder and CTO, MDX Technology. “We added a server-based cache, ported the cache to Linux and added a full resiliency model with real-time replication between cache instances. The server cache forms the basis of our new solutions for multi-vendor contributions and enterprise data sharing.”

Sell and buy side teams can easily share data across sites via a lightweight solution. In every instance the data points are updated in real time. E.g. different traders can now manipulate the same forward curve and update unique data points relevant to their trading instance. Or, participants who need to validate contributions, make synchronous calculations and create an audit trail, can simplify this process through one solution. This rationalisation decreases the total cost of ownership as internal data sharing and external contributions are managed on the same system, requiring fewer deployed servers.

Paul Watmough, co-founder and CEO, MDX Technology, said, “We believe the right approach is to offer the customer a broad range of solutions and interfaces, and to allow the end user to select and pay for what s/he uses. Simplicity, independence and access to scalable solutions resulted in the rapid growth of our desktop business and enabled us to accelerate the development of our high performance server-based solutions. Our aim is to continue to fulfil this demand across financial services, energy and commodities markets.

MDXT is currently engaged with multiple global market participants and will provide updates in due course. The data connectivity provider is planning more solution sets as well.