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  • Monday 1st June 2015

MDX Technology to deliver Exegy operational content into Excel

MDX Technology Ltd., a provider of real-time market data connectivity solutions, and Exegy Inc., a provider of high-performance market data normalization and distribution solutions, have today announced an expansion of their strategic partnership to deliver Exegy’s operational content via MDX Technology’s MDXT Connect into Microsoft Excel for real-time monitoring purposes. This represents an extension of the previously announced partnership to deliver normalized, real-time market data from Exegy into Microsoft Excel.

“We have successfully delivered a solution that helps front-line support groups proactively monitor their mission-critical feed delivery infrastructure,” says MDX Technology chief executive officer Paul Watmough. “A major investment bank is using this solution to monitor multiple hardware-accelerated appliances from Exegy, and we have significant interest from additional firms on both the buy-side and sell-side,” adds Watmough. The recent enhancements to MDXT Connect expand its capabilities to real-time operational content from the Exegy Client API (XCAPI). This includes data rates from raw feeds entering an Exegy appliance, data rates from user-defined normalized feeds transmitted by an Exegy appliance, raw data feed transmission delays, and API performance statistics from every application connected to an appliance.

“Our global managed services infrastructure allows us to generate, analyze, and distribute a wealth of operational content that enables our operations team and our customers to make data-driven decisions regarding their market data infrastructure,” says Exegy chief information officer Scott Parsons. “The recent enhancements to MDXT Connect help to expand the community of users of this valuable content and to provide users with a familiar analysis and visualization tool,” adds Parsons. In addition to providing actionable operational content, Exegy Managed Services frequently directs financial exchanges and customer network teams in identifying and localizing sources of market data delivery and integrity issues. With global visibility across data centers and multiple customers within those data centers, Exegy is uniquely positioned to quickly assess the scope of real-time market data incidents.