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  • Monday 5th October 2015

MDX Technology launches the MDX Connect data distribution platform at the FISD World Financial Information Conference (WFIC) 2015

MDX Technology (MDX), the expert provider of real-time market data connectivity and collaboration solutions, today announced the launch of their new data distribution platform designed to provide enhanced internal and external data sharing capabilities for all global trading desks – enabling traders to respond more quickly to market changes and to create compelling pricing for their internal and external customers in real-time.

MDX has extended the scope of its proven Connect technology to create a flexible, resilient, scalable, high-performance data distribution platform that enables real-time and other data to be shared bi-directionally with other users. At the heart of the upgraded Connect platform is the significantly enhanced cache server, which provides the capability to host any number of shared in-memory caches. Each cache can be permissioned individually, and records within a cache can also be ‘permissioned’ by assigning them to ‘groups’. A key benefit of this new approach is that now traders can share data internally and, if they wish, directly with their external clients enabling them to consume it straight to their own spreadsheets or applications and in some cases to feed data back to the firm by publishing back. In addition to this, the state-of-the-art 256-bit encrypted connections between the clients and the server makes the MDX platform one the most secure cloud based systems available on the market today.

Paul Watmough, CEO & Co-founder, MDX Technology, stated: “Most trading organisations, both large and small, generate indicative and executable data on the trading desk that needs to be shared with others; be it other traders on the same desk, with other desks or departments, users in other offices, or directly with clients. We believe our new data distribution platform will enable all users to collaborate more effectively and significantly speed up decision making by sharing pricing with their clients. Our highly scalable subscription pricing model also enables us to provide these capabilities to a much larger trading community, making it much easier for firms of any size to adopt it quickly and cost effectively. Clearly these new developments have been created to meet our customer specific needs and we are dedicated to providing solutions that help our users make smarter decisions. Indeed one of our clients commented that without our platform they would be flying blind!”

The platform is quick to install and can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, with users up and running within a couple of hours. Its flexible, modern architecture, unlike many of the existing legacy systems, enables changes to be implemented very quickly, and delivers rapid ROI and the ability to achieve significant cost savings and productivity gains almost instantaneously.