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  • Wednesday 22nd February 2017

MDX Technology announces major new release of real-time data distribution platform

MDX Technology is very pleased to announce a major new release of its platform, MDXT Connect Version 4, and the successful deployment to several key clients and prospects.

Version 4 significantly extends the range of data distribution solutions now offered by MDXT to an even broader range of industry sectors. Responding to client demand for data distribution to and, crucially, from counterparties at a lower TCO (total cost of ownership), MDXT now offers a secure, controlled, cost effective and lightweight real-time bi-directional data distribution platform, utilising servers deployed in data centres or the cloud, capable of delivering data from any source to any destination. MDXT can now securely deliver data in real-time from your trading engine, application or spreadsheet to any internal or external destination including direct injection to your counterparty’s spreadsheets, applications, interactive webpages, and mobile applications as well as to the traditional data vendors like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, etc.

Richard Gissing, CTO and Co-founder, MDX Technology Ltd., said “One of the significant new features in Version 4 is our Capture module which allows all data published into the platform to be captured to a database, enabling tick capture and – most importantly with the upcoming pre-trade transparency obligations of MiFID 2 in mind – full auditing of what prices were published when and by whom.

We have also added a range of connectors to the server including: a WebSockets Connector, allowing realtime publishing to and subscribing from webpages or mobile applications; a TREP Connector, which exposes MDX as a ‘source’ on a Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP), allowing it to be published and subscribed to by any permissioned TREP clients e.g. Eikon Excel or custom applications using RFA; and other connectors planned.

Gissing continued, “When distributing data over the internet or other limited-bandwidth connections, we now have bandwidth management options available with intelligent conflation ensuring delivery of latest values and a high quality of service to the consuming client.”

Paul Watmough, CEO and Co-founder, MDX Technology Ltd., said “We have now created what we believe to be a uniquely flexible and potentially game changing data distribution platform leveraging the cloud where appropriate that empowers clients to get their data to where they want it on time every time! Whether you are a high-profile trading venue serving the global buy-side and sell-side communities, a global investment bank, a leading hedge fund, a commodities trader, or an interdealer broker, MDX has a data distribution solution and the experience to fit your needs.”.

MDXT Connect is currently deployed in a wide range of clients in all major financial centres including high profile trading venues, investment banks, hedge funds, commodities and energy traders and interdealer brokers with further deployments (and accompanying announcements) to follow.