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  • Thursday 5th July 2012

Hedgeguard selects MDX Technology for connectivity to a wider range of real-time market data

MDX Technology (MDXT), a leading provider of vendor agnostic real-time market data connectivity solutions, today announced that Hedgeguard had selected MDXT’s Connect platform for connectivity to a wider range of real-time market data sources that will drive Hedgeguard’s front to back software for hedge funds and asset managers.

“We are very pleased to include Hedgeguard amongst our growing client list of independent software vendors, hedge funds, prop traders, spread betters, banks, brokers, exchanges and data vendors. Hedgeguard and MDXT have a common target client profile in start-up and early stage hedge funds and asset managers where the client can benefit from software that is easy to install, configure and use and does not require huge infrastructural investment”, said Paul Watmough, CEO, MDXT.

Richard Gissing, CTO, MDXT, added “By embedding our product within Hedgeguard the resulting solution gives the user flexible access to a much wider range of market data feed sources from the likes of Bloomberg, NYSE, SunGard and a roadmap of 10 other providers including the leading data vendors relevant to hedge funds and asset managers”.

“With its unique customer centric approach, Hedgeguard delivers user friendly technology that perfectly serves the needs of hedge funds and asset managers. Embedding MDXT Connect in our portfolio management system is a strategic choice that adds intelligence to our software and brings flexibility to our end users”, said Imad Warde, founder of Hedgeguard.