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  • Tuesday 10th May 2022

Grafa integrates ICE Consolidated Feed Data via MDXT marketplace

MDXT facilitates access to ICE data for smaller/niche players

Compelling collaboration significantly increases new business development opportunities

Tuesday 10th May 2022 – London – MDX Technology (MDXT), the leading provider of data monetisation technology solutions for data owners, is pleased to announce that Grafa, an Australian-based fintech firm, has integrated data from the ICE Consolidated Feed through MDXT's data marketplace. The ICE Consolidated Feed is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE).

Grafa is a powerful, modern financial data engine that quickly gives users consolidated access to large volumes of information. The engine aggregates financial information and business news coverage worldwide, enabling end-users to scan the globe for up-to-the-minute information on emerging trends. 

ICE Consolidated Feed aggregates content from 600+ global sources, 300+ venues and across 25+ million investment instruments to offer customers access to a broad universe of low-latency financial information with full depth-of-market data. ICE’s solution provides customers a scalable market data feed that is designed to empower all departments involved in trading.

"Our work with Grafa and MDXT further expands ICE’s ability to provide individual investors and other market participants with comprehensive financial information from the ICE Consolidated Feed,” said Mark Heckert, Chief Product Officer of Fixed Income and Data Services at ICE. “Grafa provides users with an integrated platform and MDXT’s marketplace API can make it easy for users to see and act on real-time data.” 

Heidi Cuthbert CEO of Grafa, commented. "One of our founding principles was to make finance, economics and business information available to all. However, the biggest barrier to achieving this is being able to access good quality, affordable financial information. Therefore, a vital requirement of this project was the ability to provide flexible, low-cost access to the exceptional data sources ICE offers."

Heidi continued, "In addition, the MDXT data marketplace API has shown to be functionally excellent. It is very user friendly, delivering a variety of readymade endpoints as standard. Overall the combined ICE/MDXT experience has been very positive, and we are excited to be at the forefront of driving change, through the adoption of this innovative, much-needed capability."  

Paul Watmough, Founder & CEO, MDXT. "We are delighted to welcome Grafa as a client, providing them with comprehensive access to business-critical data via our marketplace. We also look forward to helping facilitate Grafa's future data usage requirements and those of our mutual clients with ICE". 

About Grafa

Grafa is a powerful financial data engine that gives users access to large volumes of information quickly, and in a way that is entertaining and engaging. It was founded by former Bloomberg colleagues who had a vision to make finance, economics and business information accessible for everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. Grafa has news content from major global publishers including Bloomberg, Investing Channel, Cheddar TV and Grafa’s data-journalism team. It has more than 20,000 data points and allows users to set up multi-asset watchlists including Australian stocks, global currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Grafa is like the Swiss Army Knife of finance. 

About MDX Technology Ltd

Almost 40 of the world’s leading financial institutions and data providers use MDX Technology to disseminate real-time data and collaborate internally and with clients. Users include TP ICAP, HSBC, ICE and Royal Bank of Canada to name a few. The company is headquartered in London, with offices in North America and representation in the Far East.

To learn more about ICE's Consolidated Feed Data via MDXT marketplace please get in touch.