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  • Monday 15th February 2016

FinEx Commodity Partners embraces MDXT for improved collaboration with clients and compliance capabilities

MDX Technology is pleased to announce that FinEx Commodity Partners (FCP) has implemented their data distribution solution to support their ambitious business development goals. This unique relationship, forged in 2015, is already paying handsome dividends for FCP in terms of delivering a significantly enhanced customer collaboration experience, greater transparency and improved risk and compliance capabilities across the board.

Eugene Faller (Managing Director – Credit & Risk) at FCP said, “FCP is a provider of Hedging & Risk Management solutions to a global customer base of producers & consumers of Agricultural Commodities. As a young company we are constantly looking to leverage the competitive advantages that working with MDX gives us and are using the data distribution platform to communicate in real-time across our pricing, trading & risk management activities. The attractive cost and rapid speed of delivery were major factors in our choice of partner. Thanks to the proactive team at MDX we were up and running within days and almost immediately started delivering valuable solutions to our own clients. As our understanding of the full potential of the platform develops, we are finding that it is very quickly becoming a highly pervasive backbone for our data distribution needs, both internally and externally.”

“Operating in an increasingly competitive space means that we need to continually strive to offer value-add services above and beyond our core offering of hedging instruments. By cloud-hosting our MDX servers we are able to reach clients and broker networks anywhere in the world 24/7. This allows us to punch far above our weight and deliver on our promises of enhanced customer outcomes in very aggressive timeframes, in some circumstances within minutes. The power and flexibility of the MDX platform allows us to put powerful tools in the hands of our clients, tailored to their individual needs and empowering them to manage complex hedging strategies. MDX is a critical partner for us in being able to offer these game-changing solutions to a growing global client base.”

Paul Watmough commented. “The relationship with FCP is going from strength to strength and is a near perfect example of a mutually supportive collaboration between a client and a solutions provider. Whilst FCP is already reaping tangible benefits from their innovative use of MDX’s new data distribution platform, equally they are also helping us to push the boundaries and expand the capabilities of our solution way beyond the commodities sector, to cover other specialised areas, such as structured products and wealth management to name but a few.”

Eugene continued. “We had spent a lot of time researching the market looking at a number of the established technology providers who could potentially help us achieve our customer service objectives, but to no avail. And we absolutely knew we didn’t want to build a solution ourselves, which was looking like our only option. The scope of the MDX offering took us by surprise, and as we delved deeper into the functionality, we quickly realised that we had found a truly unique capability that would help us to create a standout differentiator within a very competitive marketplace. At this point we also made the decision to make an equity investment in the firm for two specific reasons; one, we liked their business ethos which is very closely aligned to our own and the second was that we strongly believe that MDX is a real life example of the new breed of ‘FinTech’ innovators and are agents of change in a world of legacy and outdated technology.”