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  • Tuesday 10th December 2019

CubeLogic brings sentiment analysis to MDX Technology

Harnessing the power of social media for insights into market activity, trends and sentiment scores

Supporting significantly improved risk management capabilities

MDXT today welcomes CubeLogic and their CubeWatch sentiment analysis (CubeWatch SA) solution into their rapidly expanding community. CubeWatch SA enables firms to track sentiment by monitoring social media channels, such as Twitter and other review sites like Glassdoor or Trustpilot etc. It automatically organises, filters, translates, scores and weights data collected to provide insights in real-time. The MDXT community can now access an invaluable, alternative dataset and use it in conjunction with other market data instruments across the real-time and reference asset class spectrum to better gauge and improve risk insights.

Paul Watmough, Founder and CEO at MDXT commented. “The heightened awareness of counter-party credit risk continues to occupy the thought process of many players in regards to new trading ideas and the management of legacy and existing trades. This has led to innovation in terms of linking dependable and verified sources of market data input with tools that can provide accurate alerts and signals, sometimes ahead of time of credit events. MDX Technology is pleased to be working with innovators like CubeLogic, while at the same time also introducing key content partners who can add many of the market data inputs required to add value. I am delighted to welcome Lee and the team to be part of the IOWA.rocks community.”

Lee Campbell, CEO at CubeLogic commented; “Social media is the home to a vast amount of extremely valuable, yet unstructured data. CubeWatch SA is the culmination of many years of experience which has enabled us to create a solution which monitors this data to create unrivalled and reliable insights. Embedding this capability into MDXT means that their users can now exploit the value of this alternative data source to enhance risk management oversight. While we have traditionally focussed on the credit, market and liquidity risk sectors and most recently on the financial services arena, we believe the inherent flexibility of CubeWatch SA means it is equally applicable across all asset classes and is very relevant for the IOWA.rocks community. Partnering with IOWA.rocks has already opened up a number of new and very interesting opportunities for CubeLogic and I am looking forward to working with them more closely in order to leverage even more from this growing community.”.

The MDX marketplace is underpinned by proven technology and provides a single and highly accessible destination for specialist market datasets. It enables all content creators and content consumers to meet and transact business using flexible, multi-channel subscription models not previously available. The technology is already proven within the global financial marketplace and is used across the entire asset class spectrum, from front to back-office including energy and fixed income.

Paul Watmough concluded. “The collaboration between IOWA.rocks and CubeLogic is a perfect example of our community ecosystem in action, one which is already delivering quantifiable value to both parties. This new relationship not only demonstrates our commitment to provide consumers with streamlined access to a wider variety of new and interesting content, it has also created a new channel to a much larger pool of potential new business opportunities for the CubeWatch solution. A win-win situation for everyone involved. We are very encouraged by the ever increasing number of inbound enquiries from content consumers, creators and ecosystem partners who are all very keen to be part of the MDXT community.”