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  • Tuesday 19th November 2019

Clinical Cube injects health data into the MDX marketplace

Harnessing the power of social media for insights into market activity, trends and sentiment scores

Supporting significantly improved risk management capabilities

MDX Technology today welcomes health data provider Clinical Cube into their rapidly expanding and diversified content creator community. Clinical Cube is a real world health data company, providing composite, multi-dimensioned, data to the European Pharmaceutical community and to companies that have active investment portfolios in the healthcare sector. Clinical Cube is the first alternative, industry specific content creator to join the MDXT ecosystem.

Clinical Cube data is used extensively throughout the drug lifecycle, from development through to sales and marketing. Comprising 5.4 Billion rows of data, it enables healthcare professionals to plan, manage and benchmark their performance and allows investors in healthcare companies to create and deploy successful strategies. As well as the development of new drugs, real world data is having a remarkable impact on the commercial performance of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Clinical Cube has been central to these advances.

Paul Watmough comments, “The relationship with Clinical Cube is highly significant because it demonstrates the applicability of MDXT across all data driven industries, not just the financial services industry. The financial markets have kept a close and watchful eye on the the global pharmaceuticals market which is estimated to reach $1,170 billion by 2021. Stock pickers and funds would be wise to learn from the people operating at industry coalface to better understand the impact of new drugs and how companies are out there performing. The key here is that Clinical Cube content is used by the pharma industry for the pharma industry. It’s a versatile play book that can be used to interrogate 10 years’ worth of historical data, or investigate the ROI of a focussed marketing campaign. The options are endless.”

Paul continued. “While the global value of financial services data is well documented, the explosion of health data and its associated value must never be underestimated. For example, within the UK National Health Service alone, curated NHS datasets are estimated to have an indicative market value of some £5 billion per annum. Clinical Cube are pioneers in this sector and we are delighted they have chosen MDXT as a new channel to this highly lucrative market.”

Tudor Morgan, Chief Operating Officer at Clinical Cube concluded. ”We are keen advocates of the democratisation of data and have worked very hard to establish ourselves as a recognised leader in providing open and flexible access solutions. We believe MDXT is transformational in this respect and are pleased to be enabling access to our health data on their platform.”

MDXT provides a single and highly accessible destination for specialist market datasets. It enables all content creators and content consumers to meet and transact business using flexible, multi-channel subscriptions models not previously available. The technology is already proven within the global financial marketplace and is used across the entire asset class spectrum, from front to back-office including energy and fixed income.