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  • Wednesday 12th August 2015

CFSI, MDXT and Activ collaboration bears fruit by signing W.D.Latimer

Collaborative Financial Services Inc. (CFSI), the Canadian-based professional services and solutions provider, today announced that W. D. Latimer (WDL) has gone live with its Excel based trading automation platform, built by CFSI and powered by MDX Technology (MDXT) and ACTIV Financial (ACTIV) data.

CFSI’s trading automation platform empowers WDL to efficiently manage hundreds of active orders in multiple markets, at or near the top of the book. This was made possible by combining low latency market data from ACTIV together with MDXT’s high performance Excel add-in, capitalizing on the flexibility and power of Excel to make the thousands of calculations per second needed to manage the orders. The management of a large list of orders, combined with a user interface customized by WDL enables them to focus their time and attention on more important priorities such as managing positions and profits.

Dave Mulder, co-founder at CFSI said, “We are delighted that WDL has adopted our trading automation platform. This is an important first step for us, because it validates our strategy of leveraging the capabilities of our ‘Best of Breed’ partnerships to create unique and innovative solutions for our clients in the Canadian Capital Markets. Based on this success we are also very confident that this collaborative approach will enable us to open up new opportunities, not only within the Canadian market, but into other parts of North America and beyond.”

Joshua Cauz, Director, Head Trader at W. D. Latimer, said, “We are all operating in a highly competitive environment and we are constantly looking to find new ways to ensure we provide the best possible services to our traders. To this end we sought to find a technology partner that could help us gain a competitive edge by creating a cost effective flexible solution that would automate our trading strategies. The combination of MDXT, ACTIV and CFSI has definitely met the mark.”

Will Kennedy, co-founder at CFSI said, “The success of this collaboration between CFSI, MDXT and ACTIV was remarkable. We started the journey together in early 2015 and completed the deal with WDL within months. This is a testament to the willingness and flexibility of each firm to effectively work together as a single entity to deliver a robust and innovative solution to very specific customer requirements. It shows just what can be done if there is a willingness to succeed on all sides. We are looking forward to working with both parties on future opportunities.”