MDXT Connect


A high performance Excel plugin, common API and SDK giving you access to multiple market data platforms and feeds




  • High performance Excel plugin for subscribing and publishing real-time market data on multiple market data platforms
  • Single set of functions to access all sources/destinations
  • “Version aware” add-in for Microsoft Excel 2003 onwards (including 64-bit versions of Excel 2010 and Excel 2013)
  • Consistent set of platform-agnostic Excel functions used for all supported platforms
  • Field mapping functionality to enable the use of normalised field names across multiple platforms
  • Specific dedicated functions for publishing records and pages
  • Unique sharing function, allowing spreadsheet content (including functions) to be shared very easily in real-time between groups of users
  • Support for subscription to both level 1 and level 2 (aggregated and full order book) data
  • Function emulation capabilities allow the use of existing spreadsheets without modification, simplify migration of spreadsheets to new market data platforms, and allow users to work with familiar functions
  • Dedicated VBA functions for subscribing to and publishing data


  • Simple and straightforward programmatic interface to all MDXT Connect functionality
  • Available for C++ and .NET (C#, Visual Basic, etc.), with a Java interface coming soon
  • Consistent, platform-agnostic API used for all supported platforms.


  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for rapid development of custom interfaces (coming soon).

Supported Interfaces

  • Bloomberg – Desktop API*
  • Bloomberg – Appliance (Platform/Managed B-PIPE)
  • Exegy – Appliance*
  • Generic Third Party Interface (using simple TCP/IP protocol)
  • MDXT – Playback (test/demo provider)*
  • MDXT – Simulator (test/demo provider)
  • MDXT – Shared Cache (Cache Host)
  • NYSE Technologies – MAMA
  • Solace – Appliance
  • Solace – Appliance (Google Protocol Buffer payload)*
  • SunGard – MarketMap (InfoLink TPI)*
  • Thomson Reuters RFA – RMDS/TREP using Marketfeed or TIB/RV (SASS3)
  • Thomson Reuters RFA-OMM – RMDS/TREP OMM/RDM
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous (native RV messages)
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous SASS 2
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous (Google Protocol Buffer payload)*
  • * Subscription only

Third party applications integrated with MDXT Connect:

  • Aqumin – “AlphaVision” – Real-Time Visual Interpretation Solutions for Big Data
  • Hedgeguard – “HedgeCube” –  The Portfolio Management Software dedicated to Hedge Funds and Asset Managers
  • Orchid Technology – “Jigsaw” – component-based data delivery and display architecture for financial data
  • Rai Technology – “Rai Cache” – MDXT Connect (Excel/API sub/pub) interfaces with Rai Cache, a high performance last value cache
  • Salventrex – “DOT Trader” – Next Generation Market Analysis Tool
  • SoftSolutions! – “nexRates” – integrated electronic trading platform for fixed income