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Connect Providers

MDXT Connect uses pre-built Connect Providers to interface with many common market data platforms to publish and subscribe to data feeds.  A Cache Host component can also be used to share data between Connect users without the use of an external market data platform.

  • ACTIV Financial ACTIV Content Platform

  • Bloomberg desktop API

  • Bloomberg appliance 

  • Bloomberg B-Pipe 

  • Bloomberg MPF Contribution (Server only) 

  • Bloomberg FIX-MPF Contribution (Server only) 

  • Exegy appliance

  • ICE Data Services

  • Linux Foundation OpenMAMA (MAMA6)

  • Generic third-paty interface

  • InterConnect (connects Desktops & Servers) 

  • Message Queues (Cache Host only) 

  • Sharing (Shared Cache – Cache Host only) 

  • Refinitiv RMDS/TREP with OMM/RDM

  • Refinitiv Contribution Channel (Server only) 

  • Solace Appliance

  • Solace Appliance (Google Protocol Buffer payload) 

  • TIBCO/Rendezvous (Google Protocol Buffer payload) 

  • TIBCO/Rendezvous (native RV messages) 

  • Vela TT (Wombat) Enterprise MAMA (MAMA5)

Extensive catalogue of market, reference and alternative data sets