MDXT / Symphony Connect App

Display real-time market data, drawn from multiple sources, within Symphony and collaborate more effectively with counter-parties, both internally and externally.

Creating Communities. Enabling Collaboration

The new MDXT and Symphony relationship will revolutionise the collaboration capabilities of all Financial Services, Commodities & Energy and Inter-Dealer Broking firms. It has been designed to improve productivity, reduce operating costs and increase new business development opportunities.

MDXT Connect App

The MDXT Connect App is another cost-effective and highly efficient step in the industry’s quest to modernise and streamline the established trading desktop environment. The new app can be used by traders, sales, middle and back office personnel to publish and subscribe to internal data, regardless of asset class or frequency of update. In many cases it will virtually eliminate the need for continued investment in expensive, proprietary trading terminals. By combining the latest technology and communication tools to transform collaboration and productivity capabilities, all users can take advantage of lucrative trading opportunities, faster than ever before. Improved workflow facilitates the rapid, efficient sharing of pricing information, drawn from multiple market data platforms and other internal applications. This means user communities and counter-parties can now share and discuss new business opportunities before any trading decisions are made, without ever having to leave the Symphony environment. Significantly improved communications capabilities will also help to eliminate the risks associated with unprofitable or inappropriate trading transactions. A phased plan of upgrades to the new MDXT Connect App will be incorporated into the development roadmap to ensure we are always aligned with clients’ changing needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Revenue generative – Increase revenue by reaching a wider audience with your data.
  • Cost saving – Save costs by building lightweight market data terminals, comingling internal and external data, in Symphony.
  • Significantly Improved work-flow – Users can view key market data directly from within Symphony
  • Highly Collaborative – Individuals and teams can share relevant market data with colleagues in Symphony chats and real-time market data through the Connect Portal.
  • Flexible Inputs – Data can also be streamed into Symphony from Excel spreadsheets, web, mobile and applications developed in C++, R, .NET and Python (coming soon).
  • Integrates with a wide range of market data platforms and middleware, e.g. Bloomberg, Solace, TR, etc.

Supported Interfaces

  • ACTIV Financial – ACTIV Content Platform
  • Bloomberg – Platform (Managed B-PIPE)
  • Bloomberg – MPF Contribution
  • DataGenic
  • Exegy – Appliance
  • Linux Foundation – OpenMAMA
  • MDXT – Shared Cache (Cache Server)
  • Solace – Appliance
  • SunGard – MarketMap (InfoLink TPI)
  • TR RFA – RMDS/TREP Marketfeed or TIB/RV (SASS3)
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous (native RV messages, Google Protocol Buffer payload or SASS 2)
  • Vela TT (Wombat) – Enterprise MAMA

Retrieve, display and share live data in real time from existing market data platforms and other applications inside Symphony


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