Real-time price & curve sharing

Capitalise. The foresight to make smarter decisions and future proof your business

The MDX Advantage

+ Share proprietary price data and derived values from your analytics.
+ Unleash the power of multiple users sharing the same underline curves.
+ Control access to the curves and enable separate groups of users within your organisation to interrogate and create bespoke pricing opportunities.
+ Share price data within internal workgroups so that newly created departments, i.e. trade surveillance can seamlessly link to sales and trading.
+ Create and control flexible external links to outbound vendor destinations.

Real life use cases

Speed to market was absolutely critical for us. MDXT worked directly with our organization to deliver a highly tailored solution on time and on budget that helps us collaborate effectively

William R. Gebhardt, Head of European Power and Gas, TrailStone

Clients using it:

  • TrailStone

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