6th July 2020

Raise your glass, MDXT celebrates ten years in business

July 2010, in the midst of a global financial crisis many questioned why the MDXT team decided to launch a new business. But, true to our vision, we did it anyway. Fast forward ten years, and even though everyone the whole world over is having to deal with another very challenging situation, we are still here and going strong. It’s been one hell of a ride and while there is a still a lot do, we hope you will join us and wherever you are, raise a glass (virtual or otherwise) in celebration of our 10th anniversary. The restaurants and bars in England have re-opened, so for those of you based in the UK, I hope we will have a chance to meet face to face again soon. Cheers and thank you for your continuing support.

Our amazing journey of how we made it this far…

So, for anyone in 2010 who did have doubts about our sanity…. The last laugh is on us 😉.


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