18th July 2012

Press Release- MDX Technology and Aqumin to Enter into Strategic Market Data Connectivity Partnership

Aqumin and MDX Technology (MDXT) have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership leveraging MDXT’s Connect market data connectivity software with Aqumin’s dynamic visual interface and interpretation tool, AlphaVision ™.

By integrating the two software packages, users will be able to seamlessly connect to multiple real-time market data sources, including Bloomberg, NYSE, SunGard, Thomson Reuters, TIBCO and a roadmap of 10 other providers including Activ Financial, through MDXT’s Connect middleware and utilize AlphaVision’s front end visual landscape technology to maximize market insight. Through MDXT, Aqumin brings real-time feeds into an interactive 3D landscape allowing users to quickly spot trends, outliers, and opportunities across markets and asset classes for thousands of securities on one screen. By enabling market participants to monitor more securities at once, and spot relational changes against other securities or benchmarks, AlphaVision ™ provides access to more opportunities and a faster way to monitor market risk and take full advantage of “Big Data”.

“MDXT is very pleased to be partnering with Aqumin. We see real value in providing our data source agnostic connectivity components to Aqumin’s visual interpretation solution allowing both parties to focus on what they do best – MDXT on connectivity and Aqumin on visual interpretation. The combined offering is a powerful solution for the big data challenges facing the market today,” said Paul Watmough, CEO, MDXT.

“Aqumin is delighted to partner with MDXT to bring game changing data connectivity innovation across multiple platforms in real-time into a single comprehensive view of the market. Our customers can now leverage the best of all data sources into a seamless picture that they can see. With AlphaVision and Connect our customers can see everything and miss nothing ™,” said Michael Zeitlin, CEO, Aqumin.

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