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  • Wednesday 25th November 2020

Nick Sims celebrates five years at MDXT / IOWArocks

Nick Sims (left), currently Support Lead at MDXT and IOWArocks, has never been arrested for, let alone convicted of any serious offence we’re aware of, and yet has just chalked up five years behind a laptop, trying to break (with very little success), support and document (with more success) software written and used by other, cleverer people.

Nick’s four-decade-spanning career has largely centred on talking to customers to understand what they do and/or want to do then communicating that knowledge to enable others to create solutions to those goals. However, at MDX, those skills are largely redundant since the collective industry experience of the growing group of developers here – some of whom Nick has known for well over ten years, one of whom Nick first met and worked with over 30 years ago – makes Nick’s input (almost) entirely unnecessary. Instead, he focuses on supporting the team by allowing them to concentrate on building the amazing products and services they do. (He makes a very good mochaccino too.)

Nick says. “What I’ve most enjoyed about working with MDX is the people. They are without exception the most enthusiastic, generous and supportive bunch I’ve ever worked alongside. My background is outside the world of financial market data, so I’ve relied heavily on others to clue me up, and no-one has ever not had the time to answer my questions. Every day’s a school day at MDX.”

Other ‘fun’ facts about Nick (one of which is made up – see if you can spot which):

  • Nick has crossed the equator – on land, sea and by air – half a dozen times and (at sea) both the artic circle and international date line.

  • He once represented England on the under 16 badminton squad.

  • At the last count, Nick’s collection of feature films on DVD numbers well over 1,000.

Nick lives in very small Northamptonshire village with his dog, Jasper (an Italian Spinone). They both enjoy good food and long walks in the country.