Excel Users

MDXT ConnectExcel is a suite of high performance solutions for Microsoft Excel users built on top of the award winning MDXT Connect Real-Time Data Distribution platform.

The Challenge

Microsoft Excel is still ubiquitous across the front, middle and back office of the financial services, energy and commodities sectors, as well as the wider economy, and renowned as a data visualisation tool and “rapid development tool”. Harnessing the power of Excel when handling real-time market data from one or more sources is crucial.

The Solution

With 20+ years of experience of using Excel in a trading environment, MDX offers MDXT ConnectExcel, a high-performance suite of solutions for Microsoft Excel users who need to subscribe to internal or external data, share data internally and publish data externally.

Features & Benefits

  • High performance Excel add-in for subscribing and publishing real-time market data on one or many market data platforms.
  • Single set of functions to access all supported interfaces.
  • “Version aware” add-in for all supported versions of Microsoft Excel (32 and 64-bit).
  • Field mapping to enable use of normalised field names across multiple platforms.
  • Specific dedicated functions for publishing records and pages.
  • Support for subscription to both level 1 and level 2 (aggregated and full order book) data.
  • Function emulation capabilities allow the use of existing spreadsheets without modification, simplifying migration of spreadsheets to new market data platforms, and allow users to work with familiar functions.
  • Dedicated VBA functions for subscribing and publishing data.
  • Unique sharing function, allowing spreadsheet content (including functions) to be shared very easily in real-time between groups of users.

Supported Interfaces

  • ACTIV Financial – ACTIV Content Platform
  • Bloomberg – Desktop API
  • Bloomberg – Appliance
  • Bloomberg B-Pipe
  • Bloomberg – MPF Contribution
  • DataGenic
  • Exegy – Appliance
  • Generic Third Party Interface (using TCP/IP)
  • Linux Foundation – OpenMAMA
  • Solace – Appliance
  • Solace – Appliance (Google Protocol Buffer payload)
  • SunGard – MarketMap (InfoLink TPI)
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous (Google Protocol Buffer payload)
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous (native RV messages)
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous SASS 2
  • Vela TT (Wombat) – Enterprise MAMA

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