Flexible data sharing solutions designed to drive greater internal and external collaboration between traders, trading and sales desks, across offices and with counterparties

The Challenge

Most trading functions need a “last value cache”, allowing, for instance, trading and sales to collaborate more effectively by sharing key price and analytics data in real time. But, building a last value cache that can deliver on trading room demands can be complicated and time consuming.

The Solution

MDX offers a scalable high performance data sharing and collaboration solution that is reliable, resilient and extensible. Available as a desktop cache for local or peer to peer use, and a replicated server cache for workgroups and enterprise sharing.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time sharing of data between users/desks/offices/enterprise-wide.
  • Designed for internal and external collaboration.
  • Collaborate with colleagues using bespoke developed applications, Excel spreadsheets, webpages or mobile apps.
  • Securely collaborate with external counterparties using bespoke developed applications, Excel spreadsheets, webpages or mobile apps.
  • Unique sharing function, allowing spreadsheet content (including values, text and functions) to be shared very easily in real-time between groups of users.
  • Collaboration solutions can be deployed in your data centre or in the cloud.

Use Cases

  • FinEx Commodity Partners implemented MDX’s data distribution solution to allow traders to share complex commodities hedging structures and portfolios with its end client bi-directionally in real-time…Read More
  • Trailstone uses MDX’s enterprise data sharing solution for pricing, curve management and trader collaboration…Read More
  • B&Z Global Strategies implemented MDX’s internal data sharing solution for its multi-market, multi-strategy investment fund to collaborate more effectively, and share key price and analytics data in real time…Read More
  • ING Bank uses MDX for enterprise data sharing between trading and global sales group…Read More
  • Marex Spectron is using MDXT for real-time market data sharing between its global broking teams, to further enhance the execution service they give to their clients...Read More

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