Central Banks & Government

For Central Banks & Government agencies, where secure and timely dissemination of data to market participants is essential, MDX offers a range of cost effective, flexible and highly configurable data collection, derivation and publishing solutions.

The Challenge

Disseminating financial information to market participants in a secure, controlled and timely manner is essential to any Central Bank and Government agency.

The Solution

From years of experience (previously as the market leader in data contributions), MDX understands the challenges faced by Central Banks & Government agencies and offers a range of solutions to drive data collection, derivation and publishing.

Solutions for Central Banks & Government

  • Connectivity – high performance interfaces to internal and external data sources including market data vendors, designed to drive mission critical information systems.
  • Calculation – flexible framework designed for application developers to perform “on the fly” calculations on data and publish the results in real-time.
  • Collaboration – flexible data sharing solutions designed to drive greater collaboration between departments, offices and enterprise-wide.
  • Capture – data capture designed for capturing data on a tick by tick basis for auditing, regulatory reporting, compliance, building tick history for analytics, and back testing.
  • Contribution – lightweight internal and external data publishing solutions via API, Excel, webpages, mobile apps, etc. to colleagues, counterparties, data vendors, etc.

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