Application Developers

MDXT ConnectAPI is a suite of high performance solutions for Application Developers in OpenFin, Python, R, C++, etc. built on top of the award winning MDXT Connect Real-Time Data Distribution platform.

The Challenge

Developing applications for trading rooms can be fraught with difficulties, especially if the application needs to subscribe to real-time data from and/or publish data to multiple source platforms such as Bloomberg Appliance, Refinitiv TREP, etc.

The Solution

MDXT Connect solves these problems, and many more, making it simple, fast and efficient to develop, deploy and update in-house applications within your organisation.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and straightforward programmatic interface to all MDXT Connect functionality.
  • Consistent, platform-agnostic API used for all supported interfaces.
  • Available for in OpenFin, Python, R, C++, and .NET (C#, Visual Basic, etc.), with other interfaces planned.
  • Available for Windows or Linux.
  • Shortened development timescales, allowing developers to focus on their application’s ‘value add’ to the business rather than the data ‘plumbing’ and resulting in reduced development costs.
  • Shorter learning curve for new developers; they only need to learn the Connect API in order to access data from multiple source platforms, resulting in reduced training costs
  • Shortened ‘time-to-market’ for new client applications, allowing developers to respond to business demands more effectively
  • Changes to source platform APIs (e.g. Refinitiv RFA) require no changes to Connect client applications, reducing ongoing maintenance costs for in-house desktop applications

Supported Interfaces

  • ACTIV Financial – ACTIV Content Platform
  • Bloomberg – Desktop API
  • Bloomberg – Appliance
  • Bloomberg B-Pipe
  • Bloomberg – MPF Contribution
  • DataGenic
  • Exegy – Appliance
  • Generic Third Party Interface (using TCP/IP)
  • Linux Foundation – OpenMAMA
  • Solace – Appliance
  • Solace – Appliance (Google Protocol Buffer payload)
  • SunGard – MarketMap (InfoLink TPI)
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous (Google Protocol Buffer payload)
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous (native RV messages)
  • TIBCO – TIB Rendezvous SASS 2
  • Vela TT (Wombat) – Enterprise MAMA

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