About MDX Technology

Smarter teamwork in action

It’s all about real time market data

The MDX team is recognised to be the industry experts in the field of real-time market data solutions. Co-founded, in 2010, by David Priestly, Paul Watmough and Richard Gissing, Paul leads the firm and is supported by a highly skilled, specialist group of individuals, boasting over 90 years experience in this business. Market data is the lifeblood of most financial institutions, and collectively they have been responsible for creating a portfolio of ground breaking solutions which are changing the way users are able to harness and exploit the true value of market data.

Continuous innovation

The firm has invested significant resources to create the next generation data distribution platform which has been designed to support the needs of the global financial markets. MDX remains true to their commitment of continuous innovation, creating robust and flexible real-time market data solutions which are designed to reduce costs, encourage collaboration and accelerate new business development capabilities. MDX solutions are in daily use across the globe by some of the world’s leading financial services providers including, RBC, Credit Suisse, Trailstone…the list goes on.

Management Team

Paul is a successful business developer of technology companies serving the Capital Markets, Energy and Commodities sectors. He has founded and built a number of technology companies to market leading positions attracting investors and buyers. He is an energetic sales manager, having led global sales and marketing teams, with a proven track record. He is an innovative marketer widely connected and respected. Paul co-founded MDX Technology in 2010 where he currently serves as CEO.

Richard Gissing is perceived to be the ‘guru’ of all things market data. He brings nearly 25 years unrivalled knowledge and practical experience of building unique market data solutions and trading gateways. Today, Richard plays an integral role in helping to develop the strategic roadmap for the MDX solutions portfolio and is also the lead technical sales support representative. In 2008 Richard sold the highly successful Gissing Software business toThompson Reuters.

With over 25 years’ experience of commercial software development, David has developed products and solutions for the financial, healthcare and education markets. David ran the development team at Gissing Software (responsible for the creation of products including ConteX 4 and RealtimeXL), before becoming Head of Contributions Architecture at Thomson Reuters after Gissing Software’s acquisition. David joined MDX Technology in 2011.

Executive Team

A career entrepreneur in technology for the Finance and Commodities sectors. Founder of 6 successful start ups over a 30 year career. Finalist in the 2001 Entrepreneur of the year and winner of the AIM Fastest Rising Share in 2003. Responsible for the creation of several hundred technology jobs in the sector and with an excess of over £100 million in exports achieved over the years Priestley remains committed to deploying the very latest technology using the very best software engineering talent. David was part of Gissing Software’s management team that sold the business to Reuters in 2008. David co-founded MDX Technology in 2010.

Simon Luhr brings over 30 years of experience in the global financial markets. Currently he is CEO and co-founder of FinEx Capital, an integrated asset management business providing a full spectrum of investment solutions. The firm has products listed in Moscow, London and Amsterdam. Prior to this he founded and sold a number of very successful businesses including SW1 Capital, Marble Asset Management and Fund Clear. Simon's impressive career also includes time spent at a number of tier one financial institutions, including Morgan Stanley, Nomura and Citicorp Scrimgeour Vickers, a leading UK stockbroking firm.

Clare has also spent some 30 years in the financial technology industry, long before it became known as 'Fintech'. Clare is a co-founder of Metia, formed in 1988 and Finextra which was launched in 2001. She brings unrivalled knowledge and experience of 'Fintech' marketing and business development capabilities, and has an extensive contact network built up during her long career in this industry. Clare is also a life time West Ham supporter.