Financial Services (Buy Side)

For Financial Services (Buy-side), asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, etc., MDX provides broad connectivity and sharing solutions allowing investment managers to value their portfolios more accurately, collaborate more effectively by sharing key data and improve internal and external workflows.

The Challenge

As the range of market data feeds increase, both from traditional and emerging cloud-based vendors, Financial Services (Buy-side) firms need to be able to access market data, the “lifeblood” of the industry, to value their portfolios more accurately and be able to communicate more effectively both internally and increasingly externally.

The Solution

MDX understands the many challenges faced by Financial Services (Buy-side) firms and offers a range of market data connectivity and sharing solutions to drive greater profitability from the investment management process.

Solutions for Financial Services (Buy-side)

  • Market Data Connectivity – high performance market data connectivity designed to provide uniform access to a wide variety of internal and external sources to drive mission critical spreadsheets and applications.
  • Collaboration – flexible data sharing solutions designed to drive greater collaboration between investment teams, offices and enterprise-wide.
  • Data Capture – data capture designed for capturing data on a tick by tick basis for auditing, regulatory reporting, compliance, building tick history for analytics, and back testing.
  • Derivation and calculation – flexible framework designed for application developers to perform “on the fly” calculations on data and publish the results in real-time.
  • Publishing – lightweight data publishing solutions via API, Excel, webpages, mobile apps, etc.

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